U spreekt mijn taal cover
U spreekt mijn taal was written to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Wycliffe Nederland, the Dutch branch of the international organisation for Bible translation. As a child of parents who have dedicated their lives to Bible translation, Martine's life was shaped by the importance of having a Bible in your mother tongue.
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  1. U spreekt mijn taal
Bare Feet in the Dust cover
Bare Feet in the Dust emerged as a closure of Martine’s transition period from Africa to the Netherlands. In the album Martine looks back longingly at the past, wrestles with today, and looks brightly towards the future.
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  1. Unchanging
  2. I See You
  3. Prince of Peace
  4. Ik Geef Je Alles
  5. Eyes on You
  6. Back
  7. It Is Done
  8. One of these Days