15 05 2017

Even the winter...

It’s one of those moments again. The first thing I do when I’ve thrown my bag on the ground is search for my laptop. Let the wet laundry wait. My insides are bubbling. My heart is racing, trying to keep up. My cup of thoughts is already spilling over and I want to save as many as I can before they drown in the endless sea of forgotten musings.

It’s the feeling of my thin jacket flapping on my sides as I bike, the warm air playing with a few strands in front of my face, the effortlessness by which I’m propelled forward. I’m a feather floating along with the wind. I can’t help it; my dreamy brain is already extemporaneously composing poems. Life is inspirational.

If summer could be tasted, this is what it would be. The fragrance of young, bright green leaves mingles with the steady aroma of the faithful pines. The water I know so well greets me with its blue perfume, stronger than yesterday. Even the dusky sky seems to have a smell.

The evening is calm, and I can see I’m not the only one drinking in the majesty around me. The swans sit a little straighter and the birds stick out their chest more proudly than before. The winter has truly passed. Audrey Assad’s hopeful song proves right again: Even the winter won’t last forever, we’ll see the morning, we’ll see the sun…

Winter will come again. Until then, as spring dances onward, transforming into summer, I want to treasure every warm breeze, every beam of light, every brighter smile. The Maker is astounding.
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