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Menkenja performance
Bare Feet in the Dust release concert
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Menkenja wedding performance
Wedding song: Ik Geef Je Alles
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Bare Feet in the Dust album
Our debut album: Bare Feet in the Dust
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The faces behind Menkenja
The faces behind Menkenja

Welcome to Menkenja's website!

Musings about everyday life, love, and theology put to music... Inspiring, uplifting and personal music that comes unmistakably from the heart.
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There is hope, because I know: He's with me, and He holds me, and He takes me as I am. And He never leaves, He's right by my side... unchanging.
- Menkenja: Unchanging.

She has a lovely voice and the songs are so meaningful.
- Peter W, Jan 2020